@Harry_Styles: Get in the shower if it all goes wrong.

@niallhoran: I am a ninja ! Don’t mess with me!


#5sosfamily #fuckingdominates

Jesy (to Perrie, after she tells her she doesn’t want to jog with them cause she can’t keep up): I would actually like to say that you are very very wrong. You went for a jog with me when we first started out and you were fantastic. [x]

if i ever delete my blog assume i’m dating harry styles


spooning with harry would be perfect though because your small body would mould into his big broad one and he’d have his leg over yours and his hand would be on your stomach and he’d probably stroke it and then he’d give your neck and ear lots of kisses and he’d probably whisper cute things into your ear and make you blush and he’d simply giggle and tell you how much he loves you

@NiallOfficial: This is what happens in vocal rehearsals haha, Liam’s signature move #thejoe x